How to Get Housing
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Section 8

To apply for the Section 8 program , the applicant must come to our office to fill out an application to determine eligibility.  An applicant must be able to pass the screening process which includes a criminal background check and must be income eligible according to HUD guidelines. The applicant must provide verification of income, birth certificates for all family members and photo identification. If the applicant is determined to be eligible for assistance then they are placed on a waiting list and contacted in chronological order as vouchers are issued.

When JHA's waiting list reaches a number in which it can only assist in a twelve month period, then the waiting list is closed.

Public Housing

Public Housing applications are taken every Thursday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.  Any person wishing to apply may come to the Administration Building of Max Howell Place to pick up an application at...

     Max Howell Place, 3600 Max Howell Drive, Jacksonville, AR 72078

Everyone who applies for the PH program is placed on a waiting list. Every applicant must meet eligibility criteria which includes a criminal background check, income eligibility, and rental history. Each applicant is required to provide Social Security cards, birth certificate, proof of income, photo identification and rental history.

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