How to Get Housing
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Public Housing

JHA manages Max Howell Place which coinsists of 98 Public Housing units. Max Howell consists of one (1) to four (4) bedroom units with five (5) Handicap Accessible units and they are all one story apartments. JHA also administers an annual Capital Fund Grant to modernize its development through the long term planning process.

For more information about this program:

E-mail: pam.jha@futura.net

Section 8

JHA currently assists 362 families in the Housing Choice Voucer Program. This program is designed to assist families with their rent. The family is issued a voucher based on family size which allows them to go out into the community and find suitable housing in the private rental market. The share of rent the family pays is based on the total family income.

Family Self Sufficiency

FSS is designed to assist Housing Choice Voucher recipients to become self-sufficient. THe participant will begin a 5 year contract with the Authority and as the participant betters thier earned income their escrow account builds. At the end of the contract the successful participant receives the balance of their escrow account. JHA currently has two (2) slots avaialble and at this time they are both filled.


JHA currently is in the beginning stages of beginning a Homeownership program and will further update this page as details become available.

For more information about the Section 8 program;

E-mail: gisela.jha@futura.net