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Phil Nix has served as Executive Director of Jacksonville Housing Authority since January 11, 2007. Mr. Nix has previously managed Housing Authorties in Kansas and Florida and has been in Federal assisted housing since 1989. The Executive Directors' responsibilities include overseeing the leasing, maintenance and modernization of 100 Public Housing Apartments, overseeing 362 Housing Choice Vouchers and reviewing and implementing HUD regulations.

"We have updated policies and procedures, trained staff, remodeled units to meet ADA standards, improved grounds and sidewalks, and set long range goals for the Jacksonville Housing Authority since our tenure  began at JHA. It is the plan of JHA's administration to improve programs, increase housing opportunities and expand our programs to our residents. The staff of JHA is intelligent, committed and willing to do their job. I have worked to release them from any restrictions that prevent them from making decisions or taking necessary actions in their departments. JHA has one of the best Board of Commissioners that I have been privileged to work with."

"Serving as an Executive Director has been a positive, life changing and humbling experience for me. I enjoy the interaction with our residents and I am reminded daily of why the Authority exists and why it is needed."

Nix is married to Belinda Carter of Alabama. They have two sons, David and Ryan Nix.